Welcome to the home page of Spidel Tech Solutions, Inc. (STS). STS provides professional engineering services to technology intensive clients, IT support for small businesses in west central Indiana and provides an online systems engineering school. STS provides services for the following interests;

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Contractors  Small Business Owners  Engineering Students 
Companies needing short term systems engineering capacity.  Generally, businesses with 10 or fewer computers.  Entrepreneurs and engineering students of various disciplines. 
STS provides consulting to help you design, products, services and processes in a way that will minimize risk to your project and move your company forward in a deliberate way.  STS provides business transformation services to help small businesses develop and implement an IT plan. Provides office automation services STS helps students of all disciplines understand core system concepts and how these effect designs. 

STS provides services which are generally only available to the makers of some of the most complex systems in the world.

STS specializes in automating the office tools you have deployed to more efficiently carry out your business processes. The services provided are those commonly employed by companies that are heavily technology driven or have processes which have large amounts of embedded intelligence. This experience can be leveraged for your use.

Often you crash into complex problems that do not yield to thinking about them the same way that you always have.

Isn't it curious that, when all you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail?

STS brings years of complex systems thinking to the problem for just a short period of time to get you moving in the right direction. Then you decide if more services are required, or we go work on someone else's business issues. See background for additional information about how this came about.

To get started, check out our service offerings then give us a call. We will set up a meeting to discus how STS can help you make your project a success within budget.


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