Development is the process of making new kinds of things. Lets talk about a controversial topic.

Development is not Evolutionary.
Products of man do not evolve. I believe the cases are rare where an existing product changed itself to have better behavior than what was built in. Every once in a while through fatigue or entropy a product's performance may improve, but this is usually just before it fails.

Evolution is an unknown process carried out over time that changes things. Karl Marx author of the "Communist Manifesto" coined the term dialectical materialism. Marx referred to this unknown process as dialectical materialism which is a force in the nature of matter that causes it to organize into more complex forms. This has never been observed in nature. What we see is entropy where the universe is gradually wearing down into less and less complex forms.

So what is it that causes products to improve over time? It is planned development. Development is not evolution. It is most often a carefully planned process whereby inadequacies of a system are rooted out and replaced by improvements. The only thing development has in common with evolution is time.

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