STS principals have developed telecom configuration applications and seek to leverage this experience for small businesses.

The builders of very complex systems such as; military, aerospace and telecom have long recognized the necessity of careful Systems Engineering in the earliest phases of a product's lifecycle. STS has developed its experiences in this arena and can now share with your business.

The benefits of this Systems Thinking is not often scaled down to small business because of its large apparent cost.

Recently it has come to the attention of leaders in the Systems Engineering community that a few trends are plainly observable. One is that spending on the order of 25% of a budgeted project on System Engineering can wipe out most of what would have been eventual cost overruns of a project.

These cost overruns regularly exceed 100% of the planned spending. The news is full of complex projects with this result.

Impact of Systems Engineering on Project Cost


Resource Savings



Cost Overrun

System Engineering    

Planned Spending



Planned Spending

With SE Without SE

In English this means that whatever you plan to spend on a development project you can bet it will cost 2 to 3 times what you thought it would. Much of this can be avoided by spending no more than about a quarter of the budget on Systems Engineering up front to smooth out the expectations of what is to be built.

STS is committed to delivering this benefit to smaller companies interested in differentiating themselves from their competition by providing better goods and services at less cost.

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