Here is a way to check your understanding of the presented material. In this test, answers have relative merit i.e. some answers are much worse than others and count off more, hence the weighted grade. for example; in the question; "___ is for breathing", the answer "air" is better than "smoke" is better than "water" so water costs more points than smoke.

Not answering a question will result in the worst score. The Select box will be marked yellow. Pun intended. You can try as often as you like.

If you answer a question correctly it will change to green.

If a question is answered incorrectly then it will change to red and a reference link will be displayed at the end of the question. This link will take you to the page from which the question was derived.

First check the sections to review;

System Engineering Concepts
Design Concepts
Design Domains
Development Process Concepts
Systems Operational Concepts

Now answer the questions and click the check box at the end to evaluate your answers.

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