Welcome to Spidel Tech Solutions School of Design (STSSD) Freshman Orientation. Here will be described some of the principal features of the school.


STSSD is a tuition free on-line school. While others charge to see the educational materials, this site is dedicated to tuition free education. Therefore site development and maintenance of the school is completely underwritten by the school and its advertisers. Rather than develop content suitable to the advertisers, this school seeks advertisers whose products and services correspond to the content presented.

Please feel free to visit the advertisers for products and services related to the subject at hand.

Degree Program

You may find a wealth of information here but no college equivalent units are offered. The school is not accredited nor does it seek accreditation. The principles offered here are not just theoretical. They work in multiple industries. Many of the concepts have a solid theoretical foundation derived elsewhere. The balance is supported by empirical data gained by years of direct use.


This school is dedicated to education about system design. Various topics will be introduced that are related to the process of effectively designing systems. This school does not provide a rigorous treatment of subjects but more of a survey of topics important to system design based upon the experience of the authors. You can read books on almost any topic in this outline.

STSSD content is oriented for persons interested in systems engineering from a pragmatic perspective. As you will see, one of the fundamental concepts taught at the school is pattern recognition. This school offers to identify the patterns that need to be recognized in the practice of systems development. This will be reinforced by your actual experience as well as rigorous study of subjects suggested in the curricula. The content has relevance for all engineering students and students of design in any domain.


Some of the introductory material is sequential. Reading these in the order presented may decrease the need to skip around. The Subjects page is a Table of Contents which shows the organization of the content. There is an index as well that tells every page where a word is found. Each section refers to terms in other sections. If you have not yet read those sections then some of what you read won't make sense. This in and of itself will help you to learn to defer understanding until more facts are known. But after a few trips around the circle of links it should begin to build the beginnings of a systems engineering pattern in your head. These patterns will help you detect them in the work place so that you will not be surprised or intimidated.

The value of this content is that it might point you in a useful direction to read. The authors believe that understanding the included content is a minimum for thinking from a system perspective. There are many places on the web to find out more about each of the included topics.


You can consult Wikipedia on every topic. If a selection box is presented then certain keywords are made available to search. Click on one of the keywords then click GO. If that doesn't return anything then press search. If neither returns anything then send some feedback to the school and It will be repaired. Consider this the roadmap or semantic net through the rich terrain of Wikipedia.

Or, think of it like a systems engineering dictionary for dummies.

We hope you get some insight into system design from the content of this site. Come back as often as you like. The curricula are under constant refinement. Recently updated pages are marked in Table of Contents. You can tell that a page has changed by the date in the copyright line.

There is a comprehensive review in the menu above to check your understanding of the included subjects. No review result information is permanently recorded. You can take the review as often as you like.

Speaking of copyright, you are free to link to this site from your on-line materials, but do not copy the material to other media without the express written consent of an officer of Spidel Tech Solutions, Inc.

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