STS designs custom spreadsheets to meet your business needs. The problem with many off-the-shelf products is that while they are often good at a wide range of functions, much of what they do just stands in the way of the limited set of things required by a small business. So you end up paying for much more than you need.

The Power of Spreadsheets

If you thought spreadsheets were only for accountants then think again. MS Excel spreadsheets are one of the most powerful tools a computer has to offer.

Its ability to manipulate rows and columns of information is multiplied by VBA to transform this information into your wildest dreams. Well almost...

Imagination is the limiting factor on how rows and columns of information can be morphed into useful applications.
Take a look at some of the variety of categories of spreadsheet use.
Manage Requirements
A spreadsheet can enable the capture of system requirements. It can also verify that you have considered all the relationships of requirements information across a product line.

Write Specifications
A spreadsheet can convert tabular information into MS Word template driven documents of many descriptions from the same core content.

Analyze alternatives
This is standard stuff built into excel. Scientists and engineers use this more than any other single tool. Even though companies have spent enourmous amounts on corporate repositories, engineers export this data into a spreadsheet so that they can manipulate it in a way that makes sense.

Information Technology
Monitor Computer Network
Excel can reach out into your LAN or WAN to gather information about its attached resources to filter exceptional conditions that need attention.

Manage Assets
A spreadsheet can slice and dice your equipment inventory for; provisioning, calibration, maintenance, replacement or scheduling.

Generate Schedules
Use one abstract schedule sheet to fill in the details of another for posting in your workplace.

Manage Accounts
Track activities related to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Manage Web Site
Generate complete website with hundreds of pages from a short list of worksheets, managing menus and links automatically.

Convert shorthand to professional client artifacts
Use a hierarchy of translation tables to turn shorthand notes into complete invoice or client service record.

Project Management
Use a workbook to define projects, tasks and resources. Then support time recording to track project progress.

Cemetary Management
Use a spreadsheet to capture, identify and locate available or obscure plots.

Manage Photos
A spreadsheet can create custom slide shows of photos anywhere on your computer with a few clicks of selection criteria.

Financial Planning
A spreadsheet can easily determine if your cash flow is balanced

Meal Planning
Consider a spreadsheet that looks on the internet for baking supplies given your list of meals to cook for a week or month.

Grade book
A grade book is a simple method of computing grades from complex performance criteria.

Computer Based Training
A spreadsheet can be used to construct individualized tests from reusable content. Notice evaluation at Spidel School of design. This web enabled test was constructed entirely from a single spreadsheet.

STS has a wide range of Excel automation skills that can be used to produce custom spreadsheets to your specifications.

Workbooks While you Wait

STS can build spreadsheets that do exactly what you need with very little effort or oversight. This might not be as expensive as you think. For example STS dramatically reduces its prices for reference sites. This means that if your need is more generally useful, STS will discount the price you pay to develop the concept for wider distribution. This way you are not necessarily completely underwriting the development which would ordinarily make a custom application beyond the reach of tight budgets.

The process works like this;

Here is a form to begin the development process. The (*) indicate required Fields.

First Name *   
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STS can enter into non-disclosure agreements (NDA) to protect your intellectual property.

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