Glossary of Terms

Here are some of the terms used on this site.

Embedded Intelligence  Embedded Intelligence is a characteristic of a complex system where it is required to make difficult decisions about the configuration of the system. Sometimes the embedded intelligence is a human operator like a truck driver. The truck requires the driver to decide the best way to carry the load to its destination. Other times the embedded intelligence can be a microprocessor or a network of mainframe computers. 
COBIT  The Control Objectives for Information and related Technology is defined by the IT Governance Institute and the ISACF  
Configuration Management  Managing the way a system is adjusted during its design, fabrication, and operation. Modern systems are characterized by their high configurability. This results in increasing complexity which is more difficult to manage. 
Engineering Professional Services  Set of services required when doing system development. These include requirements analysis and modeling, design of various types, software implementation including coding and testing, some marketing support functions like product prototyping, technical writing and technical training, quality control, engineering management et al.  
ICD  Interface Control Document. This is a formal document that defines an interface between two architectural components. These allow designs to be allocated among different design groups. The interface is where the two groups must agree and these are defined in advance of the allocation to these groups. 
ISACF  Information Systems Audit and Control Foundation 
Metaclass  Abstract class or some superclass of a class which may removed several levels. 
Model Model  If a model is an abstract description of reality then a model model is an abstraction of a model or a description of a modeling environment 
Product Life Cycle  Consideration of a system from its conception to its disposal. 
Service Level Agreement  A contract which specifies agencies responsible to maintain a system at a specific performance level. 
System  Collection of elements that interact with each other to produce a change in their environment. 
Systems Engineer  One who practices systems engineering. 
Systems Engineering  An interdisciplinary development approach that causes the stakeholders' needs to be satisficed throughout a system's life cycle.  
Transliteration  converting the sounds into a target language. While translation is about meaning, transliteration is just about the sound of a word. For example; the Capital of China: Peking was the mistransliteration of the more correctly transliterated Beijing. Neither of which tells what the name of the city means. 

These are not formal definitions but an interpretation for the purpose of this site.

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