Home Computer Surveillance

This is a service intended to detect symptoms and repair the cause of problems with your computer before they become serious.


Any computer connected to the world outside your home is at risk from many sources near and far. These include but are not limited to; your neighbors using or abusing your wireless network, mischievous kids looking for a way to boost their ego at your computer's expense, scammers looking for information that will aid them in various fraudulent schemes, terrorists bent on destroying everything about your way of life. This system will access your computer using the latest in secure protocols to detect these types of activities. The added risk is very small compared to what your online computer is already exposed to.

How it Works

A secure environment is established on your computer to accept requests for a set of status indicators from an Operational Control Center (OCC).

The OCC periodically polls your computer for these status indicators.

When one or more of the indicators exceed expectations then an alert is signaled in the OCC and attention is given to an operator.

The alerts tell an operator the nature of a problem which he can repair either online or schedule a visit to repair the computer at its location.


The indicators span a range of typical problems for which you could avoid buying special purpose programs and pay hundreds of dollars per year for updates.

Many problems can be repaired without your even becoming aware of them. Here is a list of detections and corrections that are currently available.

Category  Description 
Capacity Limitations  Your computer can run out of steam as your use of it develops. STS can recommend when it is time to add memory, disk, CPU, Motherboard or finally upgrade to a new system. 
Security vulnerabilities  Sometimes your own tools get crosswise such as your firewall or virus checker get disabled. STS can detect these conditions and repair the underlying cause. The tools themselves are getting better at this but not when they inadvertently get turned off. 
Suspicious activity  Ad ware, worms, Trojan horses and malware leave tracks that can be detected so that the cause can be corrected.  
Remote Interaction  This same technology allows you to ask for a technician to see what you see for specific help with an application problem. It allows STS to act as a broker to find solutions to your application problems so you don't have to spend hours searching the web for a simple solution. 

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