Scopes of planning documents

Program Plan

A program plan is an overall plan to invest in the development of a line of products that may be related in arbitrary ways. They might be related to; Hair Care, automobile architectures, space exploration. The point is multiple related product life cycles are involved.

Product Plan

A product plan is an overall plan to invest in the life cycle of a new product. This can be a subset of a program plan.

It includes a business case and a budgetary plan. Product planners interact with systems engineers to establish the corporate requirements for the product including its niche in the suite of company products.

Project Plans

A project plan is a specific quantity of effort to be managed as a unit. A project plan includes a work breakdown structure. This lists all the categories of tasks to perform and allocates blocks of time to each. The project plan template defines the typical tasks in a software project. Some of the categories are listed below

Task  Description 
Product planning  Product decisions influenced by proposed project. 
Project Plan Development  Identification of relevant tasks on this list an roughing in the schedule 
Contract Signing  All involved companies agree to standard contract, final project plan and statement of work. 
Site Planning  Supplier surveys customer site for suitability 
Installation Plan  Plan for how system will be installed on customer premises 
Travel Plan  Determination of the level of travel allowed during the execution of the project. 
Requirements Analysis  Exploration of the sources of requirements as well as prototyping  
Requirements Writing  Refining definitions of product assets 
Requirements Review  Meetings to review requirements definitions 
Logical Physical Allocation  Determination of what features will be implemented in hardware and software. 
Test Planning  Plan to test product during life cycle 
Support Plan  Plan to support product with various services such as onsite and telephone support. 
Requirements approval  Agreement that written requirements capture features to be supported as part of this project. 
Validation Testing  Reconciling requirements to needs, tests and designs. Reconciling designs to implementation. 
High Level Design  Design of components described in requirements 
High Level Design Review  agreement that design issues have been sufficiently resolved. 
High Level Design Approval  High level design is frozen for implementation 
Implementation  Coding and fabrication of custom components. 
Code Review  Review of implementation by independent reviewer 
Unit Tests  Private testing of individual components 
Packaging  Assembling of complete deliverable package at scheduled intervals 
User Guide Development  Writing user guide from use and requirements 
Training Guide Development  Writing custom training materials  
Training Class  Conducting; online, in-house or onsite training 
Ordering Equipment  Purchase of third party equipment to be used in purchased product. 
Verification Testing  Scheduled audit of development process 
Final Assembly  Assembly of entire system in factory for final testing 
Final Test  Test of all equipment communications 
Executive Sign Off  Agreement that system is ready to ship to customer site. 
Regression Testing  Load and stress testing to determine performance envelope 
Alpha Testing  Complete system test in controlled environment 
Beta Testing  Complete system test in limited customer environments 
Site Preparation  Adjusting customer premises to suit new system installation 
Shipping  Disassembly of system after final test for shipment to customer site 
Installation  Installation on customer premises 
Acceptance Testing  Testing preapproved by customer to demonstrate fitness for use 
Project Review  Various meetings to share project status and resolve open issues. 

A project manager develops and manages against this plan. He conducts project reviews and assures that issues are resolved in a timely fashion.

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