Recent Projects

Description of recent projects of STS Here are some of the more recent projects to which STS has contributed capacity;

Project  Description 
C/C++ Develoment  Added multimedia features to embedded flat screen TV controller. 
Procurement  Recommended, Installed and configured VOIP system for an Insurance Agency. 
Perl Develoment  Developed entire Interactive Voice Response (IVR) script to perform workforce management for regional health service provider. 
Crystal Report Development  Developed Crystal reports, stored procedures and database triggers for a western media company. 
System Installation  STS installed point of sale terminals with remote administration for stores in a local retail chain. 
Technical Proposal  STS developed a Technical Proposal for a small Indiana company responding to an RFP from the State of Indiana. 
Excel Automation  STS developed an Excel spreadsheet used for requirements analysis for a large manufacturing company. 
Web Site Development  STS developed a spreadsheet based web site generator for a local not-for-profit company needing a dynamic yet low maintenance web site. 
Consulting  STS provided repository modeling assistance to a regional aerospace company.  
Report Development  STS developed some readily accepted Crystal Reports for a Florida banking company within budget. 
Prototype  STS developed network diagnostic tool rapid prototype for a telecom company. 
Specification  STS reverse engineered an existing product specification for a local telecom company. 
Recommendation  STS provided a recommendation to migrate from one report generation system to another for a telecom company.  

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