Site Preparation

Many systems have stringent operating conditions that require special consideration. Commercial computer based systems are sensitive to temperature, humidity and power fluxuations. Care must be taken to control these conditions before the computer is installed. Traditionally, a site survey is conducted to identify the adjustments to the system environment that will be required. The table indicates some categories of concern.

Item #  Item  Description 
Physical Security  Can the facilities be secured? This includes approaches through windows, doors, tunnels and ventilation shafts. 
HVAC  Can the facilities be heated and cooled adequately for the power dissipation of the equipment and personnel? 
Power  Are there adequate power receptacles and are they spread across phases and circuits? 
Equipment Ventilation  Is there enough air moving about the equipment (between floor, walls and ceilings to control the ambient temperature? 
Equipment Space  Is there adequate room for equipment to be serviced? 
Equipment Cabling  Is cabling and chases among racks and external facilities adequate? 

Site preparation then, is the changes to a site to accommodate new equipment. A site survey and site preparation management is often the purvey of the project manager.

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