The purpose of this section is to attempt to differentiate, size and complexity. We all have an intuition about what complexity is. I often ask people; "Which is more complex, an amoeba or a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jetliner? They often know it is trick question, considering the source, but are really surprised to learn that the simplest life form is more complex than any nonliving thing. The amoeba is more complicated than Jupiter. It may be more complicated than the entire solar system less any life forms in it. How is this possible? You say; These things are huge. Well complexity is not related to size.

Consider the relative complexity of inanimate things. About all the dimensionality inanimate things have are there topography which can be expressed in 3 dimensions and their internal structures which are few.

Consider the relative complexity of software programs. Complexity is related to the dimensionality of information required to describe the thing. Software complexity can be measured by the number of possible paths through the code which is related to the decision density.

Consider our DNA as a program that when printed on paper would fill the grand canyon. Now add to that the multiple trillions of actual computers in our body (not to mention the central nervous system) and I'm telling you that is complex.

Did I mention that the number of computers in the average human exceeds the number of stars in the known universe?
No one has adequately described the difference in complexity between living and non-living things.

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