Domain Knowledge

Domain knowledge is an attribute of someone called a Subject Matter Expert (SME). A systems engineer is a generalist. He knows a little about everything but not very much about anything except the nature of systems and how they are developed. A systems engineer can write requirements often without much domain knowledge except as needed to not be intimidated by the SME. However, when it comes to design the Domain knowledge of the specific discipline of the designer becomes crucial to the systems engineer.

There is a dance that occurs at the boundary of requirements and design where the systems engineer attempting to satisfice the stakeholder must bow to the Electrical, Software, Mechanical or Architectural engineers and use their sense of what is achievable to feedback into the requirements.

The following sections are intended to identify the general domain of engineering disciplines that System Engineers will interact with.

Mechanical Engineer

Civil Engineer

Chemical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Architectural Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Architectural Engineer

Biochemical Engineer

Architectural Engineer

Software Engineer

Systems Engineer

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