Semantic Net

A semantic net is a system engineers web. This section is about semantic nets. A taxonomy is a set of words related to a domain. Each word must be defined in such a way as to be consistent with other words in the taxonomy. A semantic net is the relationships formed by the similarity of meanings of the words in a taxonomy.

Imagine a dictionary where all the words are replaced by strings that attached to the places where the words were defined.

This would be a literal semantic net and no meaning would be lost. You could replace the strings with different words and have a new language just like English only the words would different albeit consistent meaning.

If this were to be diagramed the words would be in bubbles and the related words would be connected by lines. The important idea is that each word should have a distinct definition and should be as orthogonal to other words as possible. In addition, every concept in the domain should have a defined name. This web site intends to be a semantic net for systems engineering terms.

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