Professional Services Rates

This page contains the rates for typical professional services. A typical project will consist of a combination of the following activities to produce a specific set of artifacts. Artifacts include drawings documents and a data repository.

Here are the rates for typical professional services.

Service  Description  Rate 
Business Development  Calls and meetings to arrange business agreements, develop quotations  No Charge except prearranged transportation 
Clerical  Filing, organizing, publishing, copying, operating applications, otherwise non technical tasks,  associated with other tasks. Training materials and recommendation preparation  $25 per hour. 1 hour minimum 
Documentation  Technical writing for printed manuals, training materials and on-line help  $30 per hour. 1 hour minimum 
Technical  Hardware and software installation, Telephone support, Configuration, Virus Removal  $70 per hour. no minimum plus travel time to a local site from principal place of business or previous client whichever is less. 
Web Site Management  Develop and maintain a commercial web site with your domain name arranged by STS  $30 per month first year then $20 per month thereafter one year minimum or $100 one time and $20 per month thereafter no minimum. Plus $70 per hour to implement requested changes to site. 
Service Level Management  Analysis to recommend upgrades to existing systems to maintain service level agreements and technical support to manage the stable implementation of the upgrades. 97% uptime means system will be unavailable no more than 1 business day per month. To do this requires that all upgrades are concentrated into a single day per month. Failure to meet service level objectives usually results in financial penalties. See also Service Levels  $480 per month. assuring 97% uptime of a system of less than 11 computers. Minimum defined by termination clause of SLA. 
Developmental  Project management, Detail designs, Programming, test development, Unit testing, system testing, Technology /Application Training, Site Evaluation  $85 per hour. No minimum 
Architectural  Feasibility studies, Presentations, Requirements analysis, RFPs, RFP Responses, Stake holder interviews, Rapid prototyping,  $100 per hour. no minimum 
Local Travel  Daily to and from work site within 5 miles of lodging  No Charge to daily work site, $35/hour travel time for service calls 
Transportation  Travel to and from remote sites.  Subway: customary fees; Car: Rental fee + fuel cost + $35 per hour travel time; Air: reasonable and customary business class airline costs. 
Lodging  Room (business class hotel), 1 meal per day  $150 per night nominal 
Surveillance  Remotely monitor computer  $15 per month per computer 

Other activities are negotiable.

See also Fixed Rates

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