Residential Service Rates

The following table shows standard rates for commonly performed installation and repair services.

Service  Description  Price  Unit 
Install Router  Procure, Install and Configure network device.  $30 + parts  per device 
Per host addition  Addition of each host to local area network  $20 + parts  per device 
Load OS  Load an operating system on formatted hard drive and applications for which media is available  $30   per device 
Install: Memory, Display Controller, CD/DVD, Sound card or Hard Drive, UPS, Firewall  Install a device and its driver and related applications for which media is available. See Load OS  $10 + parts  per device 
Install and configure application  Load from CD or over the internet then perform local configuration. This includes applications like; Anti-Virus, Office, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Cygwin and Zone Alarm.  $10   per application 
Notebook Keyboard Replacement  Procure and install appropriate keyboard  $15 + parts   
Power supply, CPU or System board replacement  Procure and install CPU and or motherboard.  $30 + parts   
Other services pre approved    $45   per hour 

These rates are subject to change without notice.

See also chart for professional services.

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