Service Offerings

STS supplies capacity for performing various Engineering Professional and Information Technology Services at a cost dramatically lower than hiring a full time Systems Engineer, IT manager or contracting through one of the major professional services agencies.

Available services are summarized below.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering is a discipline with a perspective that treats all systems (be they social, biological, mechanical, hardware and or software) as collections of components that affect each other. It tries to define system boundaries and the behaviors at those boundaries. Among the tasks of Systems Engineering are; Requirements Analysis, Stake holder interviewing, Architecture diagramming, Rapid prototyping and Specification Development.

You need a Systems Engineer each time you plan to acquire by any means, a system that is sufficiently complex that it is discomforting to you.

When you buy a car or house you do not need a Systems Engineer. (these are things familiar to you and though you get a little excited thinking about them you do not worry about whether you will succeed in obtaining one that meets your needs.)

However, If your job is to build a new factory, network, computerized transaction system or autonomous vehicle, then a Systems Engineer can steer you in the right direction. Systems engineering is not magic but it does require a certain rigor to cause a complex development project to proceed in a straight forward manner.

STS can perform Systems Engineering tasks using your DOORS, RequisitPro et al tools or bring its own proprietary tools at no cost to you.

Application Development

Engineering tasks from Requirements to Design and Implementation in C, VB, Pascal, Java, JavaScript, ksh, Perl, php. DBMS Design with Oracle, SQL Server,  MS Access. Emphasis on VBA with MS Office Products as well as JavaScript and XHTML. STS can deliver Office applications, SQL Server Stored Procedures and Crystal Reports with limited assistance, direction and appropriate authorization.

Test Engineering

Developing Test Plans and Procedures for component, system and regression testing to prove that the built system performs as required. This includes planning, development and test execution.

Quality Improvement

Participate in effort to move company toward embracing continuous quality improvement. STS is Certified by the Crosby Quality Education System.

Site Evaluation

Analyze configuration and use of small business processes and systems for the purpose of recommending performance and productivity improvements

Service Level Management

Manage system changes to ensure that your IT is performing up to its service level agreement over its entire life cycle.

Web Site Management

Develop, Host, Manage and Maintain your small business website.

Home Computer Surveillance

Monitor your home computer for potential problems and correct them proactively. More>>>

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